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Our First Anniversary

Hello everyone!

I know I missed last week, but I have been vacationing for the holidays and to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with Mike.

First I would like to say a few things.

This year has had some rough times and has had some pretty great times and throughout it all my husband has been by my side. I honestly could not have done it without him.

So I would like to give a huge shout out to Mike for sticking with me for one year and I can’t wait to see what adventures this next year will bring!

Anyway I know I’m not very good at video editing, but I made a video montage of our first year together as a married couple. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for joining me!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello everyone!

I know this is a week late, but Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would do a post with 30 things I’m thankful for this year because November has 30 days in it.

30 Days of Thanks!

  1. My husband
  2. My husband’s job
  3. My home
  4. My blog
  5. Our kitten Kevin
  6. My friends
  7. My immediate family
  8. My extended family
  9. Separate cars
  10. Good food!
  11. My college degree
  12. My husband’s college degree
  13. Being able to feel safe and secure
  14. The Holidays
  15. The ability to travel
  16. Hospitals and modern medicine
  17. Coffee
  18. Warm and comfortable clothes
  19. Netflix
  20. Hallmark movies
  21. Crockpot recipes
  22. Pinterest
  23. My dishwasher
  24. Finally having a washing machine and dryer
  25. The opportunity to have a flexible schedule
  26. Holiday coffee flavors
  27. Manicures to pamper myself during tough weeks
  28. Date night
  29. Hiking and other outdoor activities
  30. Hunting so we can have a freezer full of meat

Thanks for joining me!

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New Kitten: Name Reveal

Hello everyone!

I know this post is a little late and probably won’t be as long as my usual posts, but I thought I would tell you all our new kitten’s name.

I had asked you all for name suggestions in my post New Kitten! and I got a lot of good ideas from you guys.

I also asked my family for name suggestions and one of my nephews said that Kitty sounded just like that giant peacock from the movie Up.

Mike and I love that movie and thought it was such a cute idea, we named our kitten Kevin!

Thanks for joining me!

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Tips and Tricks: Litter Box Training

Hello everyone!

If you didn’t already know, I recently adopted a new kitten who was living outside.

So I brought him home and immediately wanted to train him how to use the litter box so I wouldn’t have to constantly be cleaning up potty from the floor.

Of course I researched how to litter box train an outside cat and how to litter box train a kitten via the Google machine. I found a lot of helpful information and some not so helpful information. But over all the process seemed pretty straightforward so I’m going to make a little tutorial so that everyone can litter box train a kitten.

General Information

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First and foremost, kittens are like babies and they explore new things with their mouths, so it is important to get a non-clumping corn based litter. That way if they eat any of it, it won’t clump up in their stomach or be dangerous and make them sick.

Once the kitten is trained you can switch to a regular litter.

Second if your kitten was born inside with other cats and has had access to a litter box, your kitten will most likely be taught to use the litter box from the mom. If this is the case you will probably not have to do much training yourself.

Third some kittens and cats don’t like powerful smells so if they refuse to go, a lot of my research suggested switching to a more natural sent to make them more comfortable.

Forth, before you start make sure you have a good cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle Stain and Oder Remover to clean up any accidents your kitten or cat may have.

Litter Box Training


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Place your kitten in the litter box so they can get familiar with where it is, what it smells like, and what it feels like.

Monitor your kitten closely for a few days and place them back into the litter box after they wake up from naps, after they eat, and after they drink water. This is when they will most likely need to go and it will help them associate the litter box with going to the bathroom.

Praise your kitten every time he or she is successful. I read that this helps them learn faster than punishing them for having an accident. Punishing them can make them scared of the litter box which is not what you want. I praised my kitten a lot. He letterbox trained by the end of his second day with us and he has not had a single accident since.

That is pretty much how I litter box trained my kitten and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for joining me!

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Recipe Review: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Hello everyone!

Since last week was halloween, we of course carved a pumpkin and then we had 100 tons of pumpkin seeds so I thought I would try to make some roasted seeds for the fall festivities.

To be honest, the recipe I used said to roast them for 25 minutes and I did, but they got a little too roasted and pretty much are all burned.

I also did not read the part of the recipe that said to check on them every 10 minutes..

I’m pretty sad that this was such a flop, but there is always next year!

So as always I will link the recipe that I used and then I will get started.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Step 1

After you have removed the seeds from your pumpkin, make sure you wash them to remove all the pulp.

Step 2

Next you just bring a pot of water to a boil and add some salt. Make sure you add the salt after your water boils so the salt doesn’t damage your pan. Then you just cook those guys for about 10 minutes.

Step 3

After that, make sure to dry your seeds really well by patting them with some paper towel.

Step 4

Season them however you would like. There are a ton of different flavors you can make, but I used olive oil and salt because Mike said he didn’t want them to be too fancy.

Step 5

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. For sure though, don’t forget to check on them or they will be burned like mine.

Step 6

Let them cool and then eat you super tasty roasted pumpkin seeds!

Thanks for joining me!
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