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Okay, let’s get started! Today I am going to share with you the story of mine and my husband’s wedding.

The Story of Us

I met my husband in my second year of college. I was 19 years old and we both were taking the same history class. He proposed about a year and a half later and we got married on the 3rd anniversary of our 1st date.

Since we were pretty broke from graduating college, we decided to save some money by planning the wedding ourselves. When I plan things, I don’t usually tend to have a lot of structure. Usually I pick an idea and stick to it until I get bored. Then I forget about it and move on to something else. This is exactly how planning our wedding went.

Planning the Wedding

To get some inspiration, my husband and I went on Pinterest. We both ended up going down a wedding planning rabbit hole which resulted in way too many possible ideas. For example, we decided the venue would probably be outside, in a church, on the beach, or in a barn. Maybe even all four places at once. Because we couldn’t decide on anything from Pinterest, we scrapped the idea and moved on to using a wedding planning app.

Having an app to help us plan the wedding saved me! The one we used had all the wedding checklists needed. It even had a countdown to the day of our wedding so I knew exactly how much time we had left to procrastinate before I needed to start panicking that nothing was getting done.

The Actual Wedding

Somehow, we managed to stay on top of the wedding planning process, but the week of before our wedding the inevitable happened: everything started to go wrong at once and getting married turned into a character building experience.

Things started to go wrong when the out of town guests didn’t arrive on time. Things went down hill from there when I had a breakdown the night before the wedding because nothing was going according to the plan. Things continued to get worse when my husband, the best man, my makeup artist/bridesmaid all got food poisoning the morning of the wedding. Despite all of this, we ended up having an amazing wedding!

Lessons Learned

As in all stories, there is a moral here. First, it is incredibly stressful to plan a wedding. I would recommend to anyone who is getting married to hire a wedding planner so you and your groom can enjoy your wedding without worrying about making sure everything goes off without a hitch. Second, it is a good idea to be able to go with the flow because even with a perfect plan sometimes things go awry.

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