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The Honeymoon

Hello Everyone!

The honeymoon that Mike and I went on was not a traditional “go to Hawaii for two weeks” honeymoon.

I don’t know if there is anyone else like me, but when I go on vacation I sort of like to lay around recuperating from the stresses of everyday life. As you can imagine Mike is the exact opposite. While he loves an adventure packed full of excitement, I love to sleep in a little and casually enjoy the rest of the day. Our honeymoon turned out to be a mixture of both.

First of all, it was more of a road-trip from our wedding venue in New Mexico to the house that Mike had rented for us in Montana.

For some reason we thought that driving across the country in five days would be a relaxing and reasonable goal.

I’m sure you can imagine what our car looked like. It was packed to the brim with wedding gifts, luggage and everything I owned because we decided not to move in together until after the wedding.

Each day was like a completely separate mini-vacation. We would get up at 5am to drink coffee and get ready for a day of tourism and maniac driving because we seemed to be almost lost nearly all the time with GPS yelling directions at us at every stop sign and light.

To Mike, this was the perfect vacation. To me it was a fun but exhausting experience. Because we were constantly on the move, I had to take an additional small stay-cation when we arrived in Montana so I could recover from the wedding and the honeymoon. Getting to sleep in until 8am for one day was the most relaxing part of the honeymoon.

All in all we did end up seeing some really neat things. We spent the night at the Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico before driving to Colorado where we went to a hot-spring. Mike and I also decided to stop at the last minute in Wyoming to see some of Yellowstone National Park.

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