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Mike’s Birthday!

Hi everyone!

As you all know, Mike and are moving. A few days ago in the middle of frantically packing and trying to downsize by getting rid of nonessential household items, I remembered that it was nearly Mike’s Birthday!

It might sound silly, but his birthday marked an important milestone for us as a couple. We started dating in college three years ago and because we would go home on breaks between semesters, we always missed each other’s birthday.

So this year was a big deal. For the first time in our relationship I would be able to give Mike his birthday present in person. Naturally I wanted to surprise my new husband by making his cake instead of buying it, but since we are moving I decided to have a combination cake.

The next day while he was at work, I baked him a two layer red velvet cake from a mix and frosted it with store bought cream cheese frosting. I had already packed my cake stand and most of our dishes so I improvised by serving it to him on the back of a cutting board along with his gift and a card.

Later we went out with some friends which made Mike’s birthday the perfect way to finally get to celebrate together as a couple.

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An Update on Our Move

Hello Everyone!

Before I get started with my newest post I would like to say that all of the pictures I have used in my blog so far are either from the Wikimedia free photo library, from the WordPress free photo library or my own. I thought I would add something about the photos I have been using so that nobody can say I have been plagiarizing or using someone else’s work unlawfully.

As you know, Mike and I are moving this Thursday and it dawned on me last night that I had forgotten about all the other things we needed to get done besides packing. So I made a list.

Panic Because You’re Moving in Seven Days and You Didn’t Get Anything Done

  1. Talk to the current Landlord
  2. Finalize the housing plans in the new town
  3. Pay rent for the new house
  4. Get a post office box in the new town
  5. Update our forwarding address and cancel the old post office box
  6. Cancel the WiFi
  7. Eat all the food in the house that we don’t want to move with
  8. Donate all food we didn’t eat to the local food bank
  9. Donate all the clothes and other things we don’t want to move with to the local thrift store
  10. Rent a U-Haul
  11. Move all the boxes from the house to the U-Haul
  12. Take out the trash (hopefully for the last time)
  13. Clean the house (again, hopefully for the last time)
  14. Stop blogging about moving and actually move
  15. Clean the new house
  16. Unpack everything into the new house
  17. Get new WiFi
  18. Furnish the new apartment
  19. Go grocery shopping because we ate all the food we had before we moved and now we are starving

So now everyone is updated on how our move is going. I probably won’t post again until sometime after we are a little more settled into our new house.

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House Hunting

Hello everyone!

Since moving into the middle of nowhere Montana, I have come to measure civilization by the number of Walmarts a town or city has. This may seem a little weird, but where we are currently living there are about ten small towns scattered throughout the abyss and the closest Walmart is a two and a half hour drive away. The most exciting part of this post is that we are moving to the closest town in the region with a Walmart!

This past Friday Mike and I left the house at about 7am and drove to meet with a couple of rental management agencies to tour a few apartments and houses. About the same time we left the house, the sun began to rise and I felt like we were driving into a new beginning.

Unfortunately house hunting ended up not being as exciting as I expected. Mike and I learned that there are only two sections in the whole town. One is called the “good” side of town and the other is called the “bad” side of town. Even with this distinction, it seemed to me that the houses in both sides of town had an equal amount of neglect.

Our first rental management agent took us to an apartment complex that had been the town’s first post office before being converted into a hotel. A while later someone decided to convert it into an apartment complex which was located in the “bad” side of town. The building was a little on the rickety side, but there was a one bedroom apartment available that was in better shape than the houses we toured in the “good” side of town.

We met with a second rental management agent who had a number of houses and trailers available, but decided not to show us because they were in pretty tough shape and she didn’t want us living in any of them. All the homes she managed were in the “good” side of town.

She did have a two bedroom house with an older woman living in the basement that we were a little interested in. If we decided to live there, we would be prohibited from walking too loudly because it would bother the lady downstairs. Another issue was that the previous renter had just moved out and had left the place in shambles so there was a lot of repairs that needed to be done before someone could move in.

After meeting with both people, Mike and I decided to talk things over. We went to Walmart for some packing supplies and then decided to drive home. Even though it was March there was a winter storm warning for later that day, but we hoped we would be able to beat it.

Boy were we wrong. It started snowing casually and then the wind started to howl. Before we knew it we were driving home in a blizzard. To make things even more exciting there was a semi-truck jack-knifed in the middle of the road. After about an hour, we finally made it about 10 miles down the road.

When we finally made it to the next town over, we had to stop at a gas station to scrap a few inches of snow and ice off our headlights, taillights, and windshield. We drove in the same conditions for another couple of hours and after that, the sun came out. Eventually it stoped snowing and we were able to drive back to the house without anything else exciting happening.

Now we are just waiting to see if there will have a house for us to move into next week.

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Packing.. Packing.. And More Packing..

Hello Everyone!

I have some exciting news! Mike’s job is transferring him to another city!

I’m super thrilled for him because he has wanted to transfer for a few months. This is a huge success for him.

I however am not super thrilled to be packing the house again.

In case you haven’t read my previous blogs, Mike and I have only been married for about 3 months and we didn’t live together until after we were married. This means that I just spent the last three months moving all my things from Alaska to Montana. I also spent a ton of time decorating each room so we would have a home, not just a house.

Yesterday when he told me that we would be moving in a few weeks, I jokingly told him that if I had known that we would be leaving so soon after moving in together I never would have unpacked.

So the chaos of packing up a two bedroom home has begun.

And the adventure of house hunting will begin this Friday.

Unfortunately I have been procrastinating by writing this post so I think I had better stop editing and get something productive done.

I will keep everyone updated as our newest adventure unfolds.

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Dirty Laundry

Hello Everyone!

I know that laundry is not a super exciting subject so I will try to dress up the discussion of it as much as I can.

When living at home with your parents, you often have a washing machine and dryer in your home.

If you live on campus in college, you probably have a small laundry on your floor or at least in your building.

If you live in an apartment complex, you most likely have access to a laundry that is walking distance from your house.

If you still need to do laundry and for some unknown reason decide you want to leave the house to do it, there will most likely be at least one laundry-mat in your town.

I unfortunately do not have access to any of these luxuries when it comes to doing laundry.

If you don’t know already, I just moved to an itty-bitty town in Montana and am living in a basement-house with my husband; and we are not privileged enough to own a washing machine or dryer yet. This would not be a huge inconvenience if there was a hint of laundry-mat in town. Unfortunately, the nearest one is about an hour’s drive down the road to the next town over.

Because of this, the “simple” task of doing laundry becomes a character building adventure.

Let me paint you a small picture of my laundry day.

First, I wake up at 5 am because Mike goes to work at 6. Then I go on facebook and drink coffee and try very hard to wake up. At about 7 am I am capable of rational thought so I make a list. This is the first of many lists and is actually a very important step in my day. If I didn’t have lists I would probably leave the house without my brain.

Usually my first list tells me what I need to get done in the next town over. It includes things like:

  • Go to bank
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • Eat

After I make my first list, I make a second list of groceries I will need throughout the next week. When I am done, I make one more list. This is arguably the most important one because it tells me exactly what to bring on my outing.

I will give you an example.

  • Dirty laundry
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Reusable Grocery Bags
  • Insulated Grocery Bag (for dairy products and other cold or frozen things that can spoil on the one hour drive home)

I honestly don’t know how I ever leave the house because by the time I wake up, make my lists, and pack everything I need to bring with me, an additional hour or so has gone by.

After I finally get around to leaving the house, I drive like a maniac on a country road for about an hour to the laundry-mat because doing laundry is stressful and not a relaxing chore like it used to be when I was 13 and trying to suck up to my parents.

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