Packing.. Packing.. And More Packing..

Hello Everyone!

I have some exciting news! Mike’s job is transferring him to another city!

I’m super thrilled for him because he has wanted to transfer for a few months. This is a huge success for him.

I however am not super thrilled to be packing the house again.

In case you haven’t read my previous blogs, Mike and I have only been married for about 3 months and we didn’t live together until after we were married. This means that I just spent the last three months moving all my things from Alaska to Montana. I also spent a ton of time decorating each room so we would have a home, not just a house.

Yesterday when he told me that we would be moving in a few weeks, I jokingly told him that if I had known that we would be leaving so soon after moving in together I never would have unpacked.

So the chaos of packing up a two bedroom home has begun.

And the adventure of house hunting will begin this Friday.

Unfortunately I have been procrastinating by writing this post so I think I had better stop editing and get something productive done.

I will keep everyone updated as our newest adventure unfolds.


19 thoughts on “Packing.. Packing.. And More Packing..

  1. Good luck with finding a pretty home.

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  2. You look like an expert packer! Good luck.

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  4. Yay!!!! Good luck! Hope you have laundry close!

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    1. I think having a laundry room is a new requirement for me in a house lol


      1. You have my best wishes for that one! Lol 😁

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  5. Wishing you the best on your move and settling in to a new home. Hang in there…enjoy each new adventure together!

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    1. Thanks! So far everything has been wonderful and I’m very excited to see what our future has in store for us!


  6. What a great adventure. Good luck with the move and happy married life!

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  7. I hate shifting places. It involves so much of packing 🤦🙈

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    1. But hey happy for you 😀


    2. It is a ton of work. I hope we are here for a while because I am not looking forward to moving again anytime soon 😂

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      1. I totally get you in this case. I will be moving to a new place soon too. So I am like 🤦

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      2. I am sending you positive vibes and I hope your move is as stress free as possible!


      3. Ah thank you so much 😀

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