An Update on Our Move

Hello Everyone!

Before I get started with my newest post I would like to say that all of the pictures I have used in my blog so far are either from the Wikimedia free photo library, from the WordPress free photo library or my own. I thought I would add something about the photos I have been using so that nobody can say I have been plagiarizing or using someone else’s work unlawfully.

As you know, Mike and I are moving this Thursday and it dawned on me last night that I had forgotten about all the other things we needed to get done besides packing. So I made a list.

Panic Because You’re Moving in Seven Days and You Didn’t Get Anything Done

  1. Talk to the current Landlord
  2. Finalize the housing plans in the new town
  3. Pay rent for the new house
  4. Get a post office box in the new town
  5. Update our forwarding address and cancel the old post office box
  6. Cancel the WiFi
  7. Eat all the food in the house that we don’t want to move with
  8. Donate all food we didn’t eat to the local food bank
  9. Donate all the clothes and other things we don’t want to move with to the local thrift store
  10. Rent a U-Haul
  11. Move all the boxes from the house to the U-Haul
  12. Take out the trash (hopefully for the last time)
  13. Clean the house (again, hopefully for the last time)
  14. Stop blogging about moving and actually move
  15. Clean the new house
  16. Unpack everything into the new house
  17. Get new WiFi
  18. Furnish the new apartment
  19. Go grocery shopping because we ate all the food we had before we moved and now we are starving

So now everyone is updated on how our move is going. I probably won’t post again until sometime after we are a little more settled into our new house.


19 thoughts on “An Update on Our Move

  1. Just reading that moving list is stressful! Hope everything goes smoothly… 😊

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    1. So far everything is going well! At this point though I’m getting a little tired of moving and I’m really looking forward to being settled into our new house😊

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  2. Good luck with the move 😊

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  3. Hectic week ahead 👍 plan well and execute and tell your experiences after you settle down .. hope you new home bring you joy and happiness and friendly neighbor 👍

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  4. Hoping you are settling in nicely!!😊

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  5. My Lord, woman!!! Does the new place have a laundry room?!?! Lol

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    1. It does! I’m so excited about it!!


      1. Yay!!!!! Oh thank goodness!!!!!

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  6. Happy moving! I hope you’re able to settle in quickly! 🙂

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  7. Good luck! House moves take so much out of you… X

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  8. Fingers crossed your move was smooth and boring. They never are but it’s a nice wish. Also: Thank you for following my blog. I returned the favor. Welcome the blog world. Lots of fun!!!

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    1. Thank you for following me as well! And so far moving has just been a lot of work which is to be expected haha!


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