Hello everyone!

If you didn’t already know, I recently adopted a new kitten who was living outside.

So I brought him home and immediately wanted to train him how to use the litter box so I wouldn’t have to constantly be cleaning up potty from the floor.

Of course I researched how to litter box train an outside cat and how to litter box train a kitten via the Google machine. I found a lot of helpful information and some not so helpful information. But over all the process seemed pretty straightforward so I’m going to make a little tutorial so that everyone can litter box train a kitten.

General Information

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First and foremost, kittens are like babies and they explore new things with their mouths, so it is important to get a non-clumping corn based litter. That way if they eat any of it, it won’t clump up in their stomach or be dangerous and make them sick.

Once the kitten is trained you can switch to a regular litter.

Second if your kitten was born inside with other cats and has had access to a litter box, your kitten will most likely be taught to use the litter box from the mom. If this is the case you will probably not have to do much training yourself.

Third some kittens and cats don’t like powerful smells so if they refuse to go, a lot of my research suggested switching to a more natural sent to make them more comfortable.

Forth, before you start make sure you have a good cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle Stain and Oder Remover to clean up any accidents your kitten or cat may have.

Litter Box Training


*Picture from Wikimedia Images

Place your kitten in the litter box so they can get familiar with where it is, what it smells like, and what it feels like.

Monitor your kitten closely for a few days and place them back into the litter box after they wake up from naps, after they eat, and after they drink water. This is when they will most likely need to go and it will help them associate the litter box with going to the bathroom.

Praise your kitten every time he or she is successful. I read that this helps them learn faster than punishing them for having an accident. Punishing them can make them scared of the litter box which is not what you want. I praised my kitten a lot. He letterbox trained by the end of his second day with us and he has not had a single accident since.

That is pretty much how I litter box trained my kitten and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for joining me!

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