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2019 Goals #NewYearNewMe

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Hello Everyone!

I know I’m probably going to sound like everyone else in this post, but I want to go into 2019 with a goal oriented mindset.

I don’t know if I believe in the concept of New Year resolutions because it seems like when I make one, I spend the first two weeks of January being my best self and the rest of the year being my regular, pre-resolution self.

So this year I decided to just go into the new year with a positive mindset and a few goals.

I actually started this list before my first wedding anniversary because I wanted to be my best self so I could be the best wife to Mike. So some of these things will just be carryover goals from my post October Goals that I already have been working on.

Personal Goals

Run a 5K. I gained a lot of weight this year from living in a town without a gym, from being pregnant, from extreme sadness after I lost the baby and was eating my feelings, and of course from the holidays. So I made a goal in October to do 3 home workouts a week and go to the gym twice a week to run. So far I have been doing ok with this one.

Practice mindful eating more. I want to be more healthy in general so eating more fruits and vegetables has definitely been a goal of mine since October. I also really want to only eat when I actually am hungry instead of when I’m bored or procrastinating chores.

Get a job. I job-hunted on and off throughout 2018 but I moved 3 times, was pregnant, had a miscarriage, went to Tennessee, and went to Alaska so I hardly had any time to focus on the job hunt. To be honest I don’t actually need to work because my husband makes enough that I can stay home if I wanted. I actually did want to stay home in the beginning because I wanted to have kids right away. Anyway its been a year, I don’t have kids, I’m bored, and I can work so I might as well so that we can have a little extra money for savings.

Financial Goals

Save $40 each month. I chose $40 in October because its only $20 a paycheck. The reason I’m saving is because we spent all our savings on medical bills from my pregnancy and on buying a house. So if we were to have an emergency, we probably wouldn’t have enough money to get through it.

Blog Goals

500 followers. I have never had a goal for growing my blog before. When I started writing, it was mostly as a mental health outlet, and to share with my family what Mike and I were doing in Montana. I have always considered my blogging experience a success since day one because I thought if one person followed me and liked any of my posts, I was all set. I’m actually very happy with my little blog, but I do eventually want to be a stay at home mom so I may as well work on growing my blog now so that maybe one day I can have a supplemental income from my writing. I want to invest in my blog by having better content, making better videos, taking more pictures, and actually posting things on social media because I still plan on only posting a new blog once a week.

So thanks for joining me today! And thanks so much to everyone who has liked, commented, or followed me this year, it honestly makes my days so much brighter!

2019 – Here I come!

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Christmas Tag

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Hello everyone!

I have been wanting to write something Christmas-y for a while and I thought the Christmas Tag would be a great idea. It’s a pretty fun tag so if you haven’t already done it and you are reading this and you want to, I tag you!

Here are the questions:

What is your favorite Christmas song?
I’m not sure if this is a good answer but I really love song Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi, which is of course the Charlie Brown theme song. For some reason whenever I hear it I think of the holidays.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Definitely the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love that movie so much that I honestly could watch it every day of the year.

What is your favorite Christmas book?
This may not the most exciting answer, but A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is probably one of my most favorite Christmas books. Its pretty much a classic so how could you not like it? Plus it has inspired a lot of spin-off movies.

What is your favorite holiday food or treat?
It’s a tie between Christmas sugar cookies and pumpkin rolls with a cream-cheese frosting filling.

Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Mike and I open our stockings in the evening on Christmas eve with some hot chocolate and we open the presents in the morning on Christmas day.

Is your tree real or fake?
Definitely fake. I have always wanted a real tree but we live so far east in Montana, it’s practically North Dakota and there are no trees here.

Do you send out Christmas cards?
Of course! Its Christmas.

What does your Christmas dinner table look like?
This is only our second Christmas together and last year we were still on our honeymoon so I honestly couldn’t tell you. It’ll be a surprise!

Do you have any holiday traditions?
We do. Since we were pretty broke from getting married and honeymooning last year, we got one Christmas ornament and put it on our tree. This year we are pretty broke from buying a house so we decided to make it a tradition and only get one ornament.

Do you win or fail at wrapping presents?
I definitely fail. First I look up a wrapping tutorial on YouTube and then I fail to duplicate the results. That is why they sell gift bags and tissue paper at Walmart.

Thanks for joining me!

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5 Winter Road-Trip Must-Haves

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Hello Everyone!

I know this is a few days late and now that I’m back from my vacation, hopefully I will not have anymore late blogs.

Anyway I thought since we road-triped down to New Mexico and back to see friends and family for the holidays and to celebrate our first anniversary, I would share with you all some essentials that made the 18 hour car ride more enjoyable.

  1. Snacks! If you are in the car for a long time you definitely need snacks to prevent hangry driving.
  2. Drinks. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m eating a lot of salty, dry car food, I need something to help wash it all down.
  3. Tunes! I think this is just a general car rule: When you are in the passenger seat it is your job to pick good driving music. You want it to be upbeat enough that the driver isn’t falling asleep, not too annoying so that the driver can concentrate on the road, and good enough that you and the driver can enjoy the ride by dancing around every once in a while.
  4. An emergency kit. Especially if you are going on a long trip during the winter you will need jumper cables, tools, a blanket or two, a flashlight, extra food, and whatever else you think you might need in case you get a flat tire or break down in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Windex/a good ice-remover. Especially in winter you really need to be able to wash your headlights and windows at any time because sometimes its a blizzard outside and there is so much snow and ice on your vehicle that you need to pull over and remove it all so that you can continue to have a safe trip.

Thanks for joining me!

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Our First Anniversary

Hello everyone!

I know I missed last week, but I have been vacationing for the holidays and to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with Mike.

First I would like to say a few things.

This year has had some rough times and has had some pretty great times and throughout it all my husband has been by my side. I honestly could not have done it without him.

So I would like to give a huge shout out to Mike for sticking with me for one year and I can’t wait to see what adventures this next year will bring!

Anyway I know I’m not very good at video editing, but I made a video montage of our first year together as a married couple. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for joining me!

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