Hello everyone!

I have been wanting to write something Christmas-y for a while and I thought the Christmas Tag would be a great idea. It’s a pretty fun tag so if you haven’t already done it and you are reading this and you want to, I tag you!

Here are the questions:

What is your favorite Christmas song?
I’m not sure if this is a good answer but I really love song Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi, which is of course the Charlie Brown theme song. For some reason whenever I hear it I think of the holidays.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Definitely the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love that movie so much that I honestly could watch it every day of the year.

What is your favorite Christmas book?
This may not the most exciting answer, but A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is probably one of my most favorite Christmas books. Its pretty much a classic so how could you not like it? Plus it has inspired a lot of spin-off movies.

What is your favorite holiday food or treat?
It’s a tie between Christmas sugar cookies and pumpkin rolls with a cream-cheese frosting filling.

Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Mike and I open our stockings in the evening on Christmas eve with some hot chocolate and we open the presents in the morning on Christmas day.

Is your tree real or fake?
Definitely fake. I have always wanted a real tree but we live so far east in Montana, it’s practically North Dakota and there are no trees here.

Do you send out Christmas cards?
Of course! Its Christmas.

What does your Christmas dinner table look like?
This is only our second Christmas together and last year we were still on our honeymoon so I honestly couldn’t tell you. It’ll be a surprise!

Do you have any holiday traditions?
We do. Since we were pretty broke from getting married and honeymooning last year, we got one Christmas ornament and put it on our tree. This year we are pretty broke from buying a house so we decided to make it a tradition and only get one ornament.

Do you win or fail at wrapping presents?
I definitely fail. First I look up a wrapping tutorial on YouTube and then I fail to duplicate the results. That is why they sell gift bags and tissue paper at Walmart.

Thanks for joining me!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Tag

  1. I’m joining you on the fake tree… Year before last, we bought a tree from Lowe’s. The tree lasted a few days and croaked. Needles were every-where!! We went to the mountains this year. Fresh cut is quality, right? 2 weeks and it was a fire hazard….

    Fake ain’t always bad..

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