Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

This post is so exciting for me to write because today is my first Blogiversary!

I thought I would do something fun to celebrate the day so I am going to do the “Your Blogging Career” questionnaire.

Even though this questionnaire originated on the blog Aroused, I first discovered it on the blog Keep it Alive and I thought it was such a good idea.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out either of these blogs yet you definitely should. Both are amazing and full of wonderful energy and positive vibes.

Your Blogging Career

Please share a brief history of your blogging career –

From what lead you to start?

I actually started blogging on a whim. I had just gotten married, relocated to Montana, didn’t know how to be a housewife, and had no friends or family to help me out. I have always kept a daily journal so I figured why not write about what I’m going through? If one person reads what I’m writing and is helped by it or finds enjoyment from my blog, it will be a success.

Has your motivation changed since starting?

Mostly no, but I would eventually like to have enough of an audience to use my blog as a supplemental income. So now my motivation comes from myself just like it always has, and it also comes from not wanting to let my followers down.

What has the experience been like?

To date, I have never had a bad day as a “blogger”. Everyone is so sweet, so positive, so uplifting and I have honestly discovered the most amazing support group though my blog.

Have you learned anything?

Yes! I learned that you should not monetize your blog when you get 100 followers because you will only make $0.03 per month. I also learned that you should consider investing in your blog when you have at least 10,000 views per month. That is a lot of views that I do not currently have and I’m not sure I will get there anytime soon, but if I want to make money (and I do) that is the goal.

Has your writing style changed?

Yes and no. Yes because I am mindful of my audience and I don’t want to be offensive with my writing. Also yes because I have become so much more confident in my writing, my blog and being online in general. And no because I never publish anything unless my voice shines though.

Are you planning to write a novel or are you already published?

When I was young it was my dream to be Jane Austin but I think I’m ok with just my blog. I honestly don’t know if I have enough inspiration to write a book.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Everyone says “don’t focus on the numbers”. I think you should be mindful of your numbers but not obsessive about them and you should not measure your success based on the success of other bloggers. We are all on different journeys and we have all started at different times so if you want to get discouraged and quit, feel free to compare yourself to someone else.

That being said you should be goal oriented and measure the success of your blog based on whether or not you are hitting your personal benchmarks and you should follow blogs that you think are successful because it will inspire you to keep writing and keep growing your blog until you achieve your success.

And please don’t forget to mention some of the highlights along the way – such as the people you’ve met, the things you’ve learned…

I am going to mention a few bloggers who I have either been following since the beginning or who have been following me from the beginning because they will always have a special place in my heart.

These are the bloggers who have inspired me when I had no inspiration and who always comment kind things on my blogs.

Currently, Lately

Hunida’s Blog

Welcome To Our Campfire🔥

All The Shoes I Wear

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

So before I go, I would like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has liked, commented, followed, or read any of my posts!

You literally enhance my blogging experience so much and fill my life with so much kindness and positivity.

I’m so shocked and honored that you guys have been on this journey with me for a whole year and I hope you stick around to see how the rest of my journey unfolds!

Thanks for joining me today!


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45 thoughts on “My First Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! Also, thank you for this article because I learned that I should probably stop focusing on monetizing my blog since I don’t have many followers. This is actually a good thing because I feel there is so much to learn (like SEO’s that I still have no clue about) that now I can focus on my writing and how to run a blog instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And it took me a year to find that number because bloggers seem to be pretty secretive about turning hobby blogs into businesses unless you take their paid ecourse on how to do it. Every blog I read said “you need a lot of followers before you monetize your blog” and since I started at 0 I thought 100 was a really big number. So this year I am also refocusing my mindset and energy on writing good content and learning about blogging as a business.


  2. Happy Blogiversary! I started by first blog in 2015 and love every minute of it. I have changed the theme numerous times as well as changing its appearance many and I mean many times. Yes, my writing style has changed and for the better, I hope.

    I started my second blog in 2017 because I wanted a blog dedicated only to poetry. I’ve changed its appearance many times, as well.

    IMO, the best part of blogging is communicating with your followers. I’ve learned a lot from them and enjoy the comaraderie.

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