Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

Since it’s “Tax Season” I thought I would jump on the blog with something a little less stressful than a how to about paying taxes.

Everyone knows that paying taxes is one of the biggest hassles of the year but spending your refund is one of the most fun.

So here are four ideas about what to spend your refund on if you need a little inspiration.

Something Big

You can spend most or all of your refund on one big item like a new car, a down payment on a new home, or a down payment on your debt.

Something Small

You don’t have to go big or go home this tax season, you can buy something a little cheaper but still as meaningful. This can be anything from a new mug to a new pair of mom jeans.

Or if your definition of small is a little bigger, a weekend vacation to the next town over.


Friends you don’t have to spend your tax refund at all. My husband and I are spending half and saving the other. I think saving money is a very frugal investment into your future.


I know it isn’t December or anywhere near one of the “giving” holidays, but Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t the only times of the year that people are in need and donating a portion of your refund to your favorite or a local charity or nonprofit would be a huge blessing to someone in need.

So there you have it folks, four ideas from me to you about what to spend your 2018 tax refund on.

Thanks for joining me today!

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8 thoughts on “4 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

  1. I usually go for a combination of a few things. Since I’m technically “self employed” I set aside 30% of my pay every month for taxes. I have a savings account I just put it in right away. Last year when I filed, I had saved SOOO much that I was able to do lots of things with it, set aside some for retirement (I don’t have a retirement plan with this job) and I paid off a credit card in full and cancelled it, I went shopping for clothes, took a weekend to see my brother, and still had a little left over haha.

    Then I got told I filed wrong and I had to pay the government an additional $1500 in November. Not cool. But I have that savings account to cover me. And since I had so much left over last year, I’m confident I’ll be ok this year to pay what I owe. With what’s left over, I want to get a new wig. They are expensive and it’s the best place for me to use that money haha

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      1. HAHA that’s ok! You did have a lot of mine in the “big spending” option. This year I will need to be a little bit careful with my spending though. I have a few big expenses coming up and I should keep that money in place for those things.

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      2. Oh goodness! I’m 31 and I regret that part too! haha also I’m like “ugh why so many school debts?!” but then I kind of need them to have a job and stuff so it’s a necessary evil I guess haha.

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      3. So lucky! I had to do my degree in 5 years. A little something about academic probation in my first year kind of derailed me lol! I worked the whole time, even during the school year, but I wasn’t very smart with money back then. My parents had an education fund set up for me so that covered most of my expenses for the first 3-4 years but, again, I was really bad with my money lol. Like where did it all go?! I have no idea! And summers were spent working and taking summer courses to try to correct that probation hiccup. And then teacher’s college where it was just one year but I didn’t work AT ALL and had car and living expenses. Lame sauce to the max.

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