Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

I just got a notification that I have made 50 posts on WordPress so I thought I would celebrate by doing a Q&A. I love reading these and I think they are a great way to get to know other bloggers, so let’s jump right in!

    Question 1: Are you named after someone?
    Yes, every one of my siblings including myself is named after someone from the Bible.
    Question 2: Where are you from?
    Question 3: Who is your favorite musician?
    It’s a tie between Johnny Cash and Doc Watson.
    Question 4: Who is your favorite author?
    Hands down Jane Austen.
    Question 5: What is your favorite animal?
    Question 6: How many kids do you want?
    I’ll start with one and if I’m not completely off my rocker, I’ll consider another in a few years.
    Question 7: What is your favorite drink?
    Raspberry tea!
    Question 8: What is your favorite movie?
    Right now Forest Gump because it’s a classic.
    Question 9: How tall are you?
    4 feet and 11 inches.
    Question 10: What are you afraid of?
    Question 11: What do you do for a living?
    I’m currently a cashier.
    Question 12: Where do you want to travel to?
    Disney and Hawaii.
    Question 13: Who is your favorite YouTuber?
    Sincerely Gracie
    Question 14: Who is your favorite actor?
    Robin Williams
    Question 15: Who is your favorite blogger?

I had so much fun writing this post to celebrate such a huge milestone on my little blog and I hope this helped you get to know me a little better.

Thanks for joining me today!

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