Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

At the end of June little Cooper went in to be neutored.

As with any life changing decision, my husband and I researched it before we made any final choices.

Here are the reasons why we chose to neuter:

  • He was getting really out of hand. I’m a pretty little person and I was having trouble getting him to listen to me. He would only listen to my husband and be so unruly with me I would have to put him in his crate so he could calm down.
  • Since we have no plans to breed him, we didn’t want him to accidentally have puppys with one of the neighborhood dogs.
  • We had a successful experience when we neutored our kitten Kevin, and we know it’s a relatively safe surgery so we decided to do it.

So if you do decide to neuter, here is everything you’ll need to know before the big day.

Listen to your vet

Vetranarians are trained to know what is best for your little furry friend so you should listen to them as you would listen to your own doctor.

There is an age requirement

I’m not sure how it is everywhere, but my vet said our little puppy had to be at least 6 months old before he could have the sugery.

Food and drink

Your family pet will not be able to eat anything after midnight the day before their apointment. But they should have access to a good water source so they can stay hydrated.


Your puppy will need to be up to date on his or her vaccinations before their big day.

The procedure

My vet decided to gave Cooper a prep shot to help him calm down so he wasn’t so nervous.

This did make him throw up a little, but I was assured this was a normal reaction to the shot.

After that, he was given his main dose which made him fall asleep pretty fast.

When was out, I was able to leave.

The Recovery

The vet called at around 4:30 PM and said Cooper was ready to come home.

I think it’s important to note here that all dogs will probably have a different recovery because all dogs will probably react differently to anesthesia.

Cooper was pretty sleepy, but he was a little interested in food. So I gave him a little dinner and once he had eaten he went straight to his bed and zonked out.

We were told not to let him go swimming, give him a bath, or rough-house with him; and to monitor his incision for the next two weeks.

So there you have it guys, everything you need to know about neutoring your puppy.

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Also stay tuned you guys! I’m planning on launching my very own family styled YouTube channel in August and I would love to see you all there!

Thanks for joining me today!

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