Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

I seem to be in a reflective mood with the end of the year getting closer and closer so I thought I would go over my goals for 2019 and see if I had a successful year.

If you’re interested, you can find my goals from last year here.

Personal goals

Run a 5K. If you read my life update from halfway through the year you probably already know that I did train for a 5K and that I was signed up to run in one. It ended up not working out because I got pregnant and was hit with a freight train of first trimester symptoms that left me exhausted and pretty sick. My grandpa also passed away so I was in Alaska attending his memorial service which I thought was more of a priority than running a 5K. However, it is still a goal of mine and I know from last year that I can do it if I put my mind to it and invest my time in it.

Be a mindful eater. I can say that I definitely did this one even while pregnant. I started out just by paying attention to when I was eating. For example, sometimes I ate when I was stressed or bored which was not good and I worked on just eating when I was actually hungry.

Then I researched the difference between a portion and a serving, intermittent fasting and calorie counting. Those 3 things changed the way I ate food. I used to think if I dieted I would have to cut out every single food except spinach and kale and that was something I did not want to do. I ended up being able to eat whatever the heck I wanted to which was super awesome. And of course I stoped calorie counting and intermittent fasting when I found out I was pregnant.

Now I have been working on paying attention to how different foods made me feel I’m still working on this one but it is interesting to see what foods make me feel energized, gross, happy, etc.

Get a job. At the beginning of the year I really only wanted a part time job to get me out of the house and to make some extra spending money. That way I would still have energy to keep up with running the house which has always been my first priority. I ended up finding a full time cashiering position at pur local hardware store which ended up being a huge blessing because we were able to finish paying off our medical bills from last year and pay off our credit card which unfortunately got a little out of hand from our move last year.

I currently am not working anymore because I had to stand for 10 hours a day and it turned out to be a little too much for me while pregnant. But I’m not too upset because I’ve always wanted to stay home and raise my children. I know it seems like a weird “career” goal these days, but I honestly think that staying home with the kids for a few years when they are little is an honorable job. And when you think about it, if both parents work then someone else is raising your kids. We unfortunately don’t have any family here so our kids would be raised by a daycare. I also calculated out the cost of daycare which is $10 an hour at the cheapest. I was only making $12 an hour from my job so it really didn’t make financial sense for me to keep working.

Financial goals

Save $40 a month. While I was working I was able to save $200 a month which was a huge blessing. We now have some money for home renovations, repairs or just a rainy day fund so I’d say we exceeded our goal with this one.

Blog Goals

Have 500 WordPress followers. I didn’t achieve this goal mostly because all my energy went into working, keeping house and maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband. Family has always been a huge priority for me so I knew if I worked on my blog all the time in my spare time, I wouldn’t be able to spend time with my man. But 500 followers is still a goal of mine and I am working my way toward it slowly but surely.

And that is it! Do you guys set goals or resolutions for yourself at the beginning of the new year? If you do, how did you do this year?

Thanks for joining me again today!

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