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I am obviously obsessed with the little girl my husband and I will be welcoming to our family soon, so I thought I would make a post about the clothing essentials I thought we needed for a newborn. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion. I know that all babies are different, all parents are different and what may work for me may not work for you.

That said I am a huge fan of thrifting baby clothes because you can usually find good quality clothes that are barely worn or only worn a few times because babies are constantly growing, so lot of the clothes I have gotten for our little girl are from garage sales and our local thrift stores.

I also love to shop so I did buy some new clothes for her from Amazon because it’s so convenient, and from Walmart because its the only “baby” store in the small town where we live.

This is NOT a sponsored post with affiliate links, but I will add in the links to the clothes I got for baby girl just in case it will help out another mom.

Baby Clothes Essentials

  • Zip up sleepers – I have changed tons of diapers in my short life from being a babysitter, nanny and aunt and I can tell you that it is so much easier to dress a newborn in a one piece zip up outfit. That way you don’t have to worry about changing them into pajamas for nap time or changing a 3 layer blowout outfit. The ones I found on Amazon also have feet and built in mittens so you don’t have to worry about losing a tiny sock or mitten.
  • Onsies – Babies are little and they need to be dressed in at least one more layer than their parents so they can regulate their body temperature. White onsies are great because they go with any outfit and you can usually find a pack of multiple ones for a pretty reasonable price.
  • Footless Nightgowns/Sleepers – As I said before, newborns need a lot of diaper changes and that doesn’t exclude the middle of the night. I personally have never used one of these, but I’m super excited to try them out! It seems like a great idea for bedtime feedings or diaper changes because you don’t have to do anything except pull their feet out, change them and tuck them back in when you’re done.
  • Socks – Most of the outfits I have for our babe have feet but for the footless nightgowns and onsies I thought it would be a good idea to have some socks for her. Plus if I accidentally loose one of her mittens, I can use her socks to cover her hands and keep her from scratching her face.
  • Hats – Of course hats are on my list to help our little babe control her temperature and keep her warm since she’ll be born in the middle of winter.
  • Mittens – I actually wasn’t going to buy her any mittens because I was just going to use a pair of socks, but newborn mittens are so darn cute I had to buy a few pairs.
  • Special Ocasion Outfit – I actually have two special occasion outfits for our daughter in a size newborn. One is her hospital outfit to take pictures in and the other is a pink tutu outfit that my mother in law got for her and I plan on using it for Easter. I honestly don’t think that infants need that many fancy clothing options since they grow so fast and I honestly prefer to dress babies in comfortable clothes rather than the latest fashions, but when grandmas buy cute clothes how can you not use them to dress up your little babe?

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