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I decided to write this post because we recently had a break in and even though they didn’t take anything, it was a horrible experience that left me feeling a little less safe in my own home.

So here are some ways you can improve your home safty and hopefully prevent a break in or help you feel safe again if you have already experienced one.

Get a Dog

As you know we adopted an Australian Shepheard Boarder Collie mix last year and he is the perfect family dog. In fact he was the one who started barking in the middle of the night which told us that something was not right. He is such a great dog!

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Change Your Locks

When you buy a home, you need to change your locks. You never know who the previous home owners gave a spare key to and maybe they were comfortable having that person stop by unannounced in the middle of the night. We however prefer our guests to use the front door during the day like normal people. So changing our locks was one of the first things we did when we moved in.

Take a Home Safety and Defense Gun Class

I understand that guns aren’t for everyone, and we definitely called the police right away. But on the off chance that something were to happen between us calling for help and help arriving, I was so glad my husband and I know how to defend ourselves in our home.

Install Security Cameras

The person who broke into our home likely knew we didn’t have a good video survalence system on our garage because they turned off the light and locked the door behind them when they left. That leads me to believe it wasn’t the first time they decided to go snooping around our garage.

After the incident I went on Amazon to find a security camera in the hopes it would deter them from coming back. It hasn’t arrived yet but once we have had a chance to test it out, I think I’ll post a comment sharing how its working for us.

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