Hello everyone and welcome to my little blog!

It was my birthday this June which is nice because it also is half way through the year. I always find myself in a reflective mood around this time, so I decided to check in with myself and see how the heck I’m doing.

I’m going to link my original 2020 goals post here so you can check it out if you’d like.

Ok! Let’s get started.

Goal number 1: Keep a cleaner house

I am happy to say that I am crushing this one which is amazing because people always say once you have kids you can’t keep up with the housework.

I actually have found my motivation to pick up the house in my family. I want our home to be a sanctuary. I want my husband to be at peace when he comes home from 11 hour days. I want Holly to not grow up with anxiety because we have so much clutter.

I also will link some YouTube channels that have helped motivate me on the days when I needed an extra dose of motivation to get myself off the couch.

The Secret Slob

A Hoarder’s Heart

Catherine Elaine

Goal number 2: Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight

I am also proud to say that I crushed that goal as well!

I’m so proud because I honestly don’t know how I did it.

Some days I hardly had time to workout and my recovery from my pregnancy and birth has been a journey. But you know what they say progress is progress and that has truly been my motto this year.

I’ll also link an amazing YouTube channel with very easy post-partum workouts that I have been doing during quarintine at home.

Fitness by Amy

Goal number 3: Explore the idea of affiliate links

To be honest I actually forgot about this one until today. Since having Holly it seems like all my extra time goes into keeping house, spending time with my husband or self care so I have unintentionally put my blog on the back burner a little bit. But as she has gotten a little older and I’ve gotten better at managing my time, I’m finding myself with time to blog again so I think I’ll be able to jump into this one soon.

Goal number 4: Open a savings account for Holly

I know what type of savings account I want to open, I have the funds, and I have all the paperwork I need to do this. Unfortunately with the pandemic I am unable to do any kind of banking other than the drive through or ATM so hopefully I can knock that goal out of the water as soon as this craziness is all over.

Goal number 5: Redo our roof

We have a little bit of a leaky roof, but during a storm one of our trees almost fell on our house. So I think the new priority is to remove the sick trees. That way we still have a house to live in and a roof to fix.

Well all I can say is thank goodness I still have half a year to get my act together because I’ve crushed some goals and I haven’t even gotten started on others.

Thanks for joining me today!

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