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Mother’s Day has been very bittersweet for me since 2018. My very first Mother’s Day I had just found out I was pregnant and I was so excited to finally be included in the group of amazing women the whole wold was celebrating.

That baby didn’t make it earthside which devastated me. In 2019 I could barely breath when Mother’s Day came around. I was still in such a state of grief and shock I could hardly be around my friends and family who had been pregnant with me the year before and had gotten to bring home their little bundles of joy. I was so upset I found it hard to be excited for anyone announcing their pregnancies on social media and my heart broke when people told me the day to celebrate all Mother’s wasn’t for me because I wasn’t actually a mom. It was truly my hardest year.

In 2020 my Mother’s Day was full of anxiety. I had been blessed with a little rainbow, but there was a pandemic. I had just brought home a NICU baby and barely knew how to change a diaper. My plan to surround myself with the support of other Moms in my family who were now Aunts, Great Aunts, Grandmas, and Great Grandmas was completely dashed, so I had to find my strength and confidence as a new mom on my own.

This year for Mother’s Day I thought I would dedicate this post to the girl who has helped me grow into the Mom I am today: Holly.

She is so strong, so resilient, and such a joy to be around. She truly is one of my greatest blessings and gifts I have ever received.

Here is our year in review.

I hope you enjoy!

And if you are a mom and today is hard for you, I am here to tell you to celebrate your motherhood no matter what it looks like.

You are a mom if you have: Suffered from pregnancy loss, had complicated pregnancies, conceived using fertility treatments, delivered via c-section, spent time in the NICU, had healthy pregnancies, delivered naturally, conceived naturally, adopted and more.

Don’t let anyone, including yourself, prevent you from having a wonderful Mother’s Day.

You deserve to celebrate this day no matter what because you are part of the amazing group of Moms the whole world is celebrating!

Thank you so much for joining me today and Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms!

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