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I thought today that I would start a moving series because this year my husband quit his job, we sold our house, moved across the country to New Mexico to stay with our in-laws, and finally moved to Wyoming. Phew!

In this blog I will share my three tips to help you use your time efficiently if you are moving soon.

Number 1: Have the proper tools on hand before you start

If you have enough boxes, packing tape and padding to pack glassware before you start you won’t have to stop half way through to run to the store.

It is so important to use your time and motivation wisely. For me, if I take a break halfway through a task I will most likely never finish. Why? Because I always seem to loose my motivation and give up.

But if I have everything I need ready to go before I start, I can focus on the task at hand and get it done.

Number 2: Pack room by room

There are a lot of different ways to pack up your house but for me packing room by room works the best. Some people pack item by item but I find this takes a ton of extra time and energy because you are constantly running around the house trying to find everything of a particular item.

I always start by making a list of every room in my home. Then I pack the room with the most amount of things I know I won’t absolutely need between now and when I move into my new home. Then I pick one room to do each day. That way it gets done and I don’t get burned out.

I find this approach works best as opposed to packing the smallest room first and the largest last because if you have any other responsibilities like motherhood or a job, or you’re just lazy like me sometimes you need a quick win and that is when I tackle the smallest room in the house.

I always save the kitchen for last because most likely you will be cooking and eating pretty much until you actually move.

Number 3: Declutter as you go

Moving is the perfect time to ask yourself all the downsizing questions. You literally have to go through every single thing you have in your whole house anyway so you may as well keep a packing box ready, a thrash can nearby, and a give away garbage bag so you can get the most out of your day.

And there you have it! My three tips to pack up your home in the most efficient way possible.

Thank you so much for joining me again today and if you’re interested in more content feel free to look me up on my other social media platforms that I have linked below.

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