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Okay, let’s get started! Today I am going to share with you my favorite household products from Grove. I have been wanting to switch over to more natural products since my first pregnancy and one of the things I have been loving about Grove Collaborative products is that they have cleaning supplies in addition to all other household products you might need. Its also a subscription service with a customizable cart so I love that I can add things to my cart whenever I’m out and they magically appear in my mail once a month.

By the way this post isn’t sponsored, but I do have a link in my closing credits if anyone wants to try out Grove’s products. And I also am working on a post with products that were a total bust so you don’t have to waste your money on them like I did.

Alright, pardon the super long intro, I’m not usually so wordy in my posts but I’m so excited about this one I can’t help it.

Walnut Sponges
These are my most favorite Grove product so far because they can be used on your nonstick pans as well as all your other dishes.

It honestly took me the longest time to figure out that you can only use the blue sponges that say “safe for non-stick pans” on the label for your nonstick cookware because the green sponges that say “not safe for non-stick pans” on the label can actually damage your pots and pans and make it dangerous to cook out of them. With these sponges you don’t have to have a different sponge for every different piece of cookware you own.

My other favorite thing about these sponges is that you can find them at your grocery store which is so nice because it means you don’t have to get another subscription service just to try them out if you don’t want to. I’ve actually gotten them from Albertsons and Walmart before and they’re practically the same as the ones from Grove. But wherever you get them, I recommend them 10/10.

Toilet Plunger
Who doesn’t need one of these?

One of the first things I buy when I move is a plunger, that way you don’t ever need to make an embarrassing run to Walgreens at 6:00 in the morning when your in laws are staying with you for the holidays (an actual fear of mine lol). If you always have one, you never need to go out and buy one in an emergency bathroom situation, and the cool part about this one is it’s plastic neutral.

Bottle Brush
This is my last Grove favorite so far and it’s because you can unscrew the brush part, order a new one when it gets gross and weird, and then screw the new one back onto the handle. I also love that the handle is compatible with all their other brush products so if I want a scrub brush or a tile brush or whatever else I could possibly want to try out, I can just order the brush and screw it onto the handle. I find that it takes up so much less space to have one handle for all your brushes.

And that is everything for today, I hope you enjoyed my favorites and if you already use Grove, or if you just have an amazing cleaning product to share I would love it if you left a comment because at best I’m an ammeter housekeeper and I need all the help I can get.

Thank you for joining me today!

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