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Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to my little blog!

Usually when the winter holidays come around I get so excited about my plans for the new year that I’ve already started working on the goals I want to accomplish before the ball drops New Year’s Eve. This is the first year in a while that I have not started off excited. To be honest, I’m a little worn down and exhausted. I need to rest and recharge, so with that in mind I will be sharing with you all today the five things I’m not planning on bringing with me into 2022.

Seasonal Decor
This is first on my list because now is the perfect time to declutter any broken, cheap or non-sentimental decor items from the holidays. These can be broken Christmas ornaments, that weird Halloween bowl you got from the Dollar Store that leans to one side, the fall mug you keep even though you can’t remember who gave it to you just incase they come over, or those plastic eggs from Easter last year that are broken and don’t have a lid.

Anything That Won’t Help You Achieve Your Goals/Resolutions
These things are no longer serving you and are probably setting you up to secretly fail. Let me explain, when you keep things of this nature you are secretly telling yourself that you already know you won’t achieve your goal so you need a safety net for when everything goes south.

Maybe its your chubby pants from over the holidays. You don’t need them, what you actually need is a mindset change. Get rid of your safety net and make it impossible for you to fail. Also if you’ve already gotten rid of your chubby pants, you’ll probably be so embarrassed by the thought of going into a store to buy another pair you’ll stay committed to your goal.

Things You Literally Forgot You Owned or That You Just Can’t Stand
Another great thing to declutter to get you off to a fresh start in the new year are things that are so old or so far in the bottom of your closet you can’t remember how you got them or things you never reach for because you have a more favorite item that you prefer to use.

You probably already know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s that one weird appliance you got on deep clearance years ago and never used, but keep swearing to yourself that you’re going to get around to it this year. This can also be that one can of peaches that expired in 2009 but for some reason you never threw away because its “probably still good”. Whatever it is, get rid of that clutter and let go of any guilt you may have about letting it go to waste. Its a new year and you don’t need either.

Social Media and Digital Clutter
Now is a good time to go on a social media cleanse, unfollow/block anyone who no longer brings you peace, old emails cluttering up your inbox and apps that no longer serve you or hinder your productivity. We all have that that one person who’s posts, texts and DMs fill us with dread. They literally are stealing our peace and we are letting them when we stay “friends” with them on Facebook.

Spiritual/Mental Health Problems
Its 2022 guys not 1930. We don’t need to be embarrassed or weirded out by depression and anxiety anymore and we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. Reach out to a friend or family member who you can trust not to judge you for going through a hard time, or make an appointment for a therapist if you aren’t feeling 100% yourself.

There is nothing wrong with formulating a well rounded plan to help you get rid of anything weighing you down. I know its common for the new year to be about getting healthy buy going back to the gym and eating more vegetables, but make sure you aren’t neglecting your mind and spiritual health when you are trying to get healthy this year.

Thank you for joining me today!

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