Tips and Tricks: House-training Your Puppy


Hello everyone and welcome to another post!

If you don’t already know, we got a puppy for Christmas/our first anniversary and let me tell you it is totally different from having a kitten.

I thought since we had Kevin for a few months, I was prepared for taking on a puppy.

I don’t know what I was thinking, Kevin and Cooper couldn’t be more different. Kevin will sit quietly on your lap purring up a storm while Cooper is a wiggle worm ball of wild energy. It is impossible to keep him still, which is to be expected because he is a puppy. I just thought he would calm down every once in a while so I can enjoy my coffee without being trampled in a storm of puppy love and affection.

But the differences between cats and dogs is a post for a another day.

I would like to talk about house-training puppies and dogs.

First let me say that having Kevin did not prepare me at all for the task of house-training a puppy.

Okay. Let’s jump right in!


General Information


Your puppy will take a little while to get used to their new home and because he or she is nervous to be in a new environment, they will probably have plenty of accidents during the first few days. Don’t let that discourage you. Your puppy is just young and learning which places are appropriate potty spots and which aren’t.

It is also important to remember that a puppy is young. They won’t be able to hold it for very long because they have short attention spans and tiny bladders. Patience and kindness are going to be your best friend during the house-training days.

One more thing to remember is that your puppy will display certain behavior such as sniffing the floor, going to a corner and just generally looking like they need to go. So make sure you pay attention and let them out in order to prevent accidents.

House-Training Tips


Put your puppy on a schedule. It took Cooper about a week before he got the hang of it, but he knows now when he can go outside, when its time to play, when its time to eat and when its time for bed.

Take your puppy outside before transitioning to another activity to prevent accidents. For example: Right after they wake up, take them out. Right after they eat, take them out. Right after they play, take them out. This way they have plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves out of the house.

Take your puppy to the same “potty spot” each time. This teaches them that there is one appropriate spot to do their business and that going in any other spots including in the house will not be acceptable.

Reward good behavior. Every time your puppy goes outside successfully, give them tons of verbal praise and a treat. This is more effective than punishing your puppy for having an accident. Think about it, if all you ever heard was negative feedback, you would probably get depressed and have anxiety. It’s the same way with puppies. They also have hormonal responses to the tone of your voice, so they release Oxytocin  when they are praised (making them more likely to repeat the activity) and stress hormones when they are yelled at or hit (making them more nervous and more likely to have another accident).

So there you have it folks, those are the things I learned first hand from attempting to house-train a puppy after I spent hours researching “how to house-train a puppy”.


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And if you want to know more about Cooper you can look at my post New Puppy: Welcome to the Fam Cooper!

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How to… Be a Great Bridesmaid

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another post!

I had the honor of being part of my childhood best friend’s wedding in November of last year and it was exhausting! I had been the flower-girl in a family friend’s wedding when I was like 5, so obviously I was a little unaware as to how much work I would be doing as a bridesmaid. I’m honestly not sure why I was so shocked at the workload though because I just got married in 2017 and I remember relying on my own bridesmaids a ton.

Anyway I thought I would share a little insight into what is expected of a good bridesmaid, because let me tell you… There are good bridesmaids and there are not so good bridesmaids – and if you ever have the opportunity to be in a wedding that is not your own, you are going to want to do a good job so you aren’t remembered as that one bridesmaid in your favorite cousin’s wedding who didn’t do anything.

Leading up to the big day…

The bride will have a huge To Do and by the time the wedding is two weeks out, she will be exhausted and a complete mess because the wedding is approaching and nothing is done.

Remember the weeks leading up to the wedding are all about doing what you can to make sure the bride and groom are relaxed and unaware of everything that is going wrong.

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Pre-Wedding Bridesmaid Advice

  • Iron the table clothes – all of them. Even if it means waking up at 5am and going to bed at midnight every day for two weeks.
  • Don’t tell the bride when something goes wrong unless it actually is an emergency –  so-and-so’s great-uncle who isn’t related to either the bride or groom isn’t actually that important to the wedding unless he is officiating or something, so don’t even worry about him.
  • Designate someone to get coffee every morning – if you didn’t drink coffee before, you do now and you need it because you have a lot to get done.
  • Make sure the bride gets something to eat – of course she has worried about fitting into her dress for the past 6 weeks, but she still needs to snack on something so she doesn’t faint on her big day. The wedding is her dream, and a hangery bride is not a happy bride.
  • ALWAYS check with the bride before making important decisions – you are there to make sure the wedding she has been planning on Pinterest for the last 8 months actually looks like the wedding she has been planning on Pinterest for the last 8 months.
  • Be prepared for The Meltdown – all women say they aren’t going to that bride who cries over tea-lights at the rehearsal dinner, but anyone who has gotten married has done something similar and as a bridesmaid you need to armed with tissues and words of affirmation to sooth the bride to be during her “unexpected” breakdown.
  • Set up what you can before the Big Day – some venues won’t let you come in until the day of, but if you can set up the night before do it because wedding days for bridesmaids and groomsmen are always complete chaos.

The Big Day…

ITS HERE YOU GUYS… Welcome to chaos.

The bride will think that her day is going to go off without a hitch and she is right. Her wedding will be perfect, but it will also have her bridesmaids running around like maniacs trying to make sure the yellow flowers that were delivered are switched out for the pink ones that the bride ordered. It is your job as a good bridesmaid to not let her see anything that goes wrong at the last minute.

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Wedding Day Bridesmaid Advice

  • Come prepared – you steamed your dress yesterday, you have your Wedding Emergency Kit full of safety pins and double-sided tape, and you have your makeup for last minute touch-ups. You don’t have anything left to do except make sure the perfect wedding happens in 4 hours…
  • Do all the grunt work so the bride can get her hair and makeup done in peaceful bliss – this is huge. You should already know how she wants the tables set up. DO NOT run into the bridal suit to ask the future Mrs. questions that will only stress her out, create solutions not chaos.
  • Plan in enough time for you to get ready  – of course you will be frantic and running around like crazy. That is not an excuse to walk down the aisle looking like a maniac. You should plan on having everything done with enough time left over so you can put on some antiperspirant deodorant, curl your hair, and throw on some full coverage foundation to hide the bags under your eyes from all the wedding prep.
  • Smile big – you made it! All you have to do now is walk down the aisle with the correct groomsmen, make it through the lawn pictures in towering heels, get through the cliché toasts, take everything down, and do a million other things. Which reminds me…
  • Take a change of clothes – nobody wants to be taking down an entire venue in heels, Spanks, and a ball gown.

Post-Wedding Bridesmaid Advice

  • Return your rentals on time – be responsible. If the future bride rented chairs, bow ties, or dresses and it is your job to return them, make sure you take them back on time so the bride and groom don’t have to pay late fees right after they just dropped $10,000 on their dream wedding.
  • Make sure all the decorations the bride brought with her make their way back to her and don’t accidentally get misplaced in venue’s storage closet – even if the newlyweds are already on their honeymoon, the wedding is not over until the bride gets all her stuff back.

Did I miss anything? If I did, comment what advice do you have for any future bridesmaids.

Also if you guys want to read more about my wedding you are more then welcome to check out my post: The Wedding

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New Puppy: Welcome to the Fam Cooper!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another post!

This one will be short, sweet and to the point.

We just added a new member to our little family!

Mike has been wanting a puppy or a dog since we got married last December, so for our 1st anniversary/Christmas/New Year’s Eve gift we got a puppy!

Let me tell you though, a puppy is so different from a kitten. So far house-training has been a little bit of a challenge, but one day (hopefully soon 😆) we will have a puppy that doesn’t potty the floor and chew on my furniture.

Anyway, I just wanted to include you all on our latest adventure and introduce you all to Cooper!

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2019 Goals #NewYearNewMe

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Hello Everyone!

I know I’m probably going to sound like everyone else in this post, but I want to go into 2019 with a goal oriented mindset.

I don’t know if I believe in the concept of New Year resolutions because it seems like when I make one, I spend the first two weeks of January being my best self and the rest of the year being my regular, pre-resolution self.

So this year I decided to just go into the new year with a positive mindset and a few goals.

I actually started this list before my first wedding anniversary because I wanted to be my best self so I could be the best wife to Mike. So some of these things will just be carryover goals from my post October Goals that I already have been working on.

Personal Goals

Run a 5K. I gained a lot of weight this year from living in a town without a gym, from being pregnant, from extreme sadness after I lost the baby and was eating my feelings, and of course from the holidays. So I made a goal in October to do 3 home workouts a week and go to the gym twice a week to run. So far I have been doing ok with this one.

Practice mindful eating more. I want to be more healthy in general so eating more fruits and vegetables has definitely been a goal of mine since October. I also really want to only eat when I actually am hungry instead of when I’m bored or procrastinating chores.

Get a job. I job-hunted on and off throughout 2018 but I moved 3 times, was pregnant, had a miscarriage, went to Tennessee, and went to Alaska so I hardly had any time to focus on the job hunt. To be honest I don’t actually need to work because my husband makes enough that I can stay home if I wanted. I actually did want to stay home in the beginning because I wanted to have kids right away. Anyway its been a year, I don’t have kids, I’m bored, and I can work so I might as well so that we can have a little extra money for savings.

Financial Goals

Save $40 each month. I chose $40 in October because its only $20 a paycheck. The reason I’m saving is because we spent all our savings on medical bills from my pregnancy and on buying a house. So if we were to have an emergency, we probably wouldn’t have enough money to get through it.

Blog Goals

500 followers. I have never had a goal for growing my blog before. When I started writing, it was mostly as a mental health outlet, and to share with my family what Mike and I were doing in Montana. I have always considered my blogging experience a success since day one because I thought if one person followed me and liked any of my posts, I was all set. I’m actually very happy with my little blog, but I do eventually want to be a stay at home mom so I may as well work on growing my blog now so that maybe one day I can have a supplemental income from my writing. I want to invest in my blog by having better content, making better videos, taking more pictures, and actually posting things on social media because I still plan on only posting a new blog once a week.

So thanks for joining me today! And thanks so much to everyone who has liked, commented, or followed me this year, it honestly makes my days so much brighter!

2019 – Here I come!

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5 Winter Road-Trip Must-Haves

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Hello Everyone!

I know this is a few days late and now that I’m back from my vacation, hopefully I will not have anymore late blogs.

Anyway I thought since we road-triped down to New Mexico and back to see friends and family for the holidays and to celebrate our first anniversary, I would share with you all some essentials that made the 18 hour car ride more enjoyable.

  1. Snacks! If you are in the car for a long time you definitely need snacks to prevent hangry driving.
  2. Drinks. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m eating a lot of salty, dry car food, I need something to help wash it all down.
  3. Tunes! I think this is just a general car rule: When you are in the passenger seat it is your job to pick good driving music. You want it to be upbeat enough that the driver isn’t falling asleep, not too annoying so that the driver can concentrate on the road, and good enough that you and the driver can enjoy the ride by dancing around every once in a while.
  4. An emergency kit. Especially if you are going on a long trip during the winter you will need jumper cables, tools, a blanket or two, a flashlight, extra food, and whatever else you think you might need in case you get a flat tire or break down in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Windex/a good ice-remover. Especially in winter you really need to be able to wash your headlights and windows at any time because sometimes its a blizzard outside and there is so much snow and ice on your vehicle that you need to pull over and remove it all so that you can continue to have a safe trip.

Thanks for joining me!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello everyone!

I know this is a week late, but Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would do a post with 30 things I’m thankful for this year because November has 30 days in it.

30 Days of Thanks!

  1. My husband
  2. My husband’s job
  3. My home
  4. My blog
  5. Our kitten Kevin
  6. My friends
  7. My immediate family
  8. My extended family
  9. Separate cars
  10. Good food!
  11. My college degree
  12. My husband’s college degree
  13. Being able to feel safe and secure
  14. The Holidays
  15. The ability to travel
  16. Hospitals and modern medicine
  17. Coffee
  18. Warm and comfortable clothes
  19. Netflix
  20. Hallmark movies
  21. Crockpot recipes
  22. Pinterest
  23. My dishwasher
  24. Finally having a washing machine and dryer
  25. The opportunity to have a flexible schedule
  26. Holiday coffee flavors
  27. Manicures to pamper myself during tough weeks
  28. Date night
  29. Hiking and other outdoor activities
  30. Hunting so we can have a freezer full of meat

Thanks for joining me!

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Tips and Tricks: Litter Box Training

Hello everyone!

If you didn’t already know, I recently adopted a new kitten who was living outside.

So I brought him home and immediately wanted to train him how to use the litter box so I wouldn’t have to constantly be cleaning up potty from the floor.

Of course I researched how to litter box train an outside cat and how to litter box train a kitten via the Google machine. I found a lot of helpful information and some not so helpful information. But over all the process seemed pretty straightforward so I’m going to make a little tutorial so that everyone can litter box train a kitten.

General Information

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*Photo from Free WordPress Library

First and foremost, kittens are like babies and they explore new things with their mouths, so it is important to get a non-clumping corn based litter. That way if they eat any of it, it won’t clump up in their stomach or be dangerous and make them sick.

Once the kitten is trained you can switch to a regular litter.

Second if your kitten was born inside with other cats and has had access to a litter box, your kitten will most likely be taught to use the litter box from the mom. If this is the case you will probably not have to do much training yourself.

Third some kittens and cats don’t like powerful smells so if they refuse to go, a lot of my research suggested switching to a more natural sent to make them more comfortable.

Forth, before you start make sure you have a good cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle Stain and Oder Remover to clean up any accidents your kitten or cat may have.

Litter Box Training


*Picture from Wikimedia Images

Place your kitten in the litter box so they can get familiar with where it is, what it smells like, and what it feels like.

Monitor your kitten closely for a few days and place them back into the litter box after they wake up from naps, after they eat, and after they drink water. This is when they will most likely need to go and it will help them associate the litter box with going to the bathroom.

Praise your kitten every time he or she is successful. I read that this helps them learn faster than punishing them for having an accident. Punishing them can make them scared of the litter box which is not what you want. I praised my kitten a lot. He letterbox trained by the end of his second day with us and he has not had a single accident since.

That is pretty much how I litter box trained my kitten and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for joining me!

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