Hello! I am Mike, the husband.

Although I like to write, I do not want to start my own blog so I asked my lovely wife if she would mind if I guest write for her blog and she said ok.

So welcome to my corner of Laundry and Dishes.

2019 Renovations and Other Homeowner Things: Part 1

repairman doing screw drilling
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

People of the wife’s blog,

I have some juicy updates on the house and renovations.

When we purchased our house in October, we knew a renovation had been started and not finished. However, we were not given the full story.


Hunting Prep

binoculars blur close up equipment

* Photo from Free WordPress Library

Backpack Hunting

Picture a man

Keeling on a wood floor

A fireplace cackling in the background

Before him a mountain of gear